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HVAC/R Hurricane Preperation

HVAC/R Hurricane Preperation: Hurricane season is officially here and living in Florida makes us susceptible to more of these storms than any other state. Of the lower 48 states Florida has more coastline than any other, measuring in at 1350 miles of total coastline, with California coming in second at 840 miles of coastline. Our […]

Vibration Analysis

Are You Using Vibration Analysis? The value of chillers and mechanical equipment to a building is significant and maintaining those machines is important to ensuring their proper life expectancy. Vibration analysis coupled with your already existing preventative maintenance plan is the way to doing that.

Can VFD’s help you?

Variable Frequency Drives: Saving money through energy management programs is something that has been on the table for many years now. Energy usage is a massive expense for any building and with today’s market it looks to only increase with time. In the United States, 50% of our total energy consumed is created by rotating […]

Selecting The Correct Contractor

Selecting the Correct Contractor South Florida has some of the most beautiful and well maintained buildings in the country, and keeping them at that point takes a lot of work. It is not only hard work for the property managers, engineers and maintenance personnel, but it also takes a great group of vendors to ensure […]

Dirty Coils?

  There are many parts that compile a buildings HVAC/R system and the coils are one that can have many effects on the buildings conditioned air space. Coils are an integral part of any HVAC/R system and as with any main component; proper care should always be taken. For any system to run at its […]

Additional HVAC Energy Tips!

 Looking for a few simple and easy steps to save money on energy bills? There are a few simple and cost effective tips listed below which may help save money on that dreaded energy bill: Ensure that unit refrigerant charge is at proper level, service contractor to check and adjust charge properly. Keep the house […]

Chiller Maintenance

Property managers and engineers alike understand the importance of proper maintenance on all building equipment, but chillers are the apex of this long list. A chiller with a 5 year life which has been properly maintained and logged can be 20-25% more efficient than if that same chiller had not been properly maintained. With these […]

Caring For Your Cooling Tower

Cooling Towers are a main part of the HVAC system in many buildings and just like any other mechanical piece; towers should be properly maintained to assure optimum performance and